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Spring has Sprung

Happy Equinox! My forged flower brooches mingling with crocuses in my garden. These brooches are made of Sterling and glass enamel.

Spring has Sprung in the northern hemisphere. Wishing friends in the southern hemisphere a lovely Fall.

Contact me if you'd like to take one of these flower brooches home. To see the brooches, click on the image.

Remembering my grandmother

Remembering my grandmother

Remembering my grandmother who passed away 8 years ago today at age 93. My grandmother was a young teen and was asked to pick a wrapped present at a Christmas party. She didn't want to look greedy so she picked the smallest gift. This is what was in it: a beautiful small make up case that fit on the palm of her hand. It is now a symbol of the objects my grandmother loved - objects that held great memories.

Because of my grandmother, I strive to make each piece of jewelry I create a worthy recipient of your memories.

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