amphoras - andrea zatarain, jewelry design

This is a collection of amphora necklaces that began as my degree project at Rhode Island School of Design. Over the years, I have revisited this project to explore new techniques and forms.

This project started as a purely formal investigation. With time, I have realized why this form fascinates me. The form is meant to hold its contents and cannot do it on its own. It needs to nest among other amphoras in the hull of a ship as intended by the ancient Greeks.
The form has become a symbol of how we are connected as human beings and of motherhood.

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Amphora Series • Earth

An amphora that belongs in Nature.
For this amphora, I spun a wax amphora and electro-formed the final copper amphora over the wax. I then used transparent golden yellow and brown glass enamel on the interior and exterior and used a brass chain with brown patina to mimic a hand made rope.