The Custom Jewelry Design Process

The process begins with an initial meeting to get to know each other and so I can understand what you are looking for. If we are both ready to work together, I review the process with you so you know what to expect. No one likes unexpected surprises during this process.

When it comes to jewelry pricing, the sky is be the limit. In order to design within your budget, I will need to know a range of how much you would want to spend. The maximum being for a design you absolutely fall in love with, the kind that becomes an heirloom.

When you are ready for me to start designing and drawing, you  will send me a Design Deposit. 
The Design Fee is non refundable and is later applied towards the deposit when the piece is made.

We will first discuss design options and will narrow it down to two or three. You will receive a beautiful drawing with price quotes for each option.

My design estimates are a low to high price range since I have to estimate metal weight and other factors for each new piece. There are some cases when the estimate is a set price. You will not have to pay more than the high estimate unless there is an unusually drastic price change in materials.

I will not proceed with changes without your approval. The Design Fee is an agreement to have me design for you. However, the designs will be under my copyright and you may not take my designs to be made by someone else. Estimates are good for 3 days.

When you choose the design, you will send the Deposit for 50% of the estimate minus the Design Deposit OR the full cost of the stone(s) - whichever is greater - in order to start making the piece.

If you are purchasing stones from me, you may have up to 3 options to choose from depending on what you are looking for.

Please note: Substantial changes to the design once the Design Deposit is received, may be considered a change order and may require a revised estimate. Minor changes are usually ok.

Balance is due at time of delivery. There is no sales tax (thank you Delaware!) There are no refunds or exchanges on custom work.

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